Billy Bottombomb and the Great Poo of Pottyville
​​​​​​​by Tim Wade

potty training made fun
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About the book:
Billy Bottombomb and the Great Poo of Pottyville is a toilet-training book that's fun to read with toddlers to help them transition from diapers to potties.

The story:

​​​​​​​Billy Bottombomb is competing with your child to use the potty for a legendary reason. It has to do with a place called Pottyville.
​​​​​​​You see, Pottyville makes potties. And they have an ancient prophecy (for them it's a poo-phecy) that foretells of finally finding the Great Poo of Pottyville, a poo worthy of one of their potties.

Billy Bottombomb thinks he has what it takes, so he's moving from diapers and starting to use the potty.

But there's a new contender for the Great Poo of Pottyville... and that's your child. 

The design and engagement elements:

I designed the book to be read repeatedly, and for that I incorporated a number of elements that will make that fun for both child and adult.
Children are attracted to the vibrant colours, and fascinated by depictions of a child in diapers, of pictures of poo and of the two children using the toilet. They're fascinated because it might be the first depiction they've seen of someone experiencing exactly what they experience.

To engage the child during multiple readings, I've also included four characters who appear sometime hidden throughout the book. There's a monkey, a star, a butterfly and a panda. You can ask the child to look out for them as you read.

​​​​​​​​​​​​There's also mention of rewarding the child when they use the potty or toilet. I talk about awarding potty points and treats. Third-party potties and potty-training charts are available on Amazon. I think loving, exuberant encouragement is always the best form of reward. And maybe a sweetie.


Because repetition aids condition memory and recall (I remember this from the repeated instruction during my university degree in psychology), you'll want to read the book over and over again. So for you, I've made the book fun to read with lots of humour especially for you. Just like how kids movies have lots of jokes for the adults watching, there's lots of humour in my book that's there for you. So you'll enjoy reading it over and over again.

Finally, the book ends with a song. Well, it's a rhyme, but you can turn it into a song. This is the final repetitive reinforcement and engagement element, through the power of rhyme and rhythm,  that helps your child to remember to alert you when they need to use the potty or the toilet.

So there are several elements utilised with the pages of the book to make it interactive, engaging, and fun to read together with you child, to reinforce the message of transitioning to using the potty.
I know you'll love it as much as I do.

Why I wrote this book and how you can help change the world...

I wrote this to help potty-train my two-year-old, and it worked wonders, so I thought I'd share Billy Bottombomb with you.
And this book does something else too. Every book bought helps change the world, one little bowel movement at a time.

That's because when you buy the book, I contribute to helping build toilets for families in Malawi and Zambia through our Foundation which partners with B1G1, a wonderful global giving movement. That means sanitation, dignity, and fundamental health improvements for the lives of those born into remote villages.

​​​​​​​So thank you. By helping your child transition to potties, you're also helping provide toilets for girls, boys, women and men who really need one.

It's amazing what a little poo book can do!

Here's how buying the book helps change the world:
When you buy the Billy Bottombomb book, we help to even more people in need...
You help build toilets

Every book sold helps provide families in rural villages in Malawi and Zambia have access to toilets and thereby improve hygiene, health, dignity, safety and sanitation. Thank you!
We're helping the UN

See how we're helping the United Nations achieve their global goals by 2030.
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Tim Wade unboxes his first copy of the book "Billy Bottombomb and the Great Poo of Pottyville"
This video was shot in January 2019 when Tim received his first copy of the published book. Here he talks about the story and the giving that happens with every copy sold.
Billy Bottombomb and the Great Poo of Pottyville
​​​​​​​by Tim Wade
potty training made fun
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